Micro-Adjustment Comes Through Time and Time again

I have posted in at least two other posts on how important Micro-adjustment is for getting great pictures. Since my last post on this subject I have document time and time again how I got the shot when I only had seconds to make it.

With so many other things to do,  like getting the right exposure and using the right focus point to get the subject in the correct placement why would you even want to worry about whether the picture will be sharp or not.

Before micro-adjustment if I found myself in this situation the chances are I would not get a good capture, however today I am more likely than not to get a sharp one.

Today I was taking pictures of a Scarlet Tanager and a Brown Thrasher jumped out and I took two or three shot and then it turned directions and I was able to take a few more shots before it disappeared. All in all I was able to take six or so shots, and out of those I got two really great captures. If you are serious about taking good photographs then you too will need to micro-adjust your equipment.

 Brown thrasher on branch


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