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Looking for a specific species, have questions or need assistance, or notice some errors? Please email me at 

Please peruse through my galleries  to find an interesting photo to accompany an article for your newsletter, a single use digital file, or as a multiple use or high-end publications, I can customize contracts to meet your needs.

Looking for Photo Art for your home or office? I can also provide a high quality prints or double matted photo (frame ready), as well as selection of incredible photo canvases.

For the list of materials that I use for matting and photo paper see below;


Crescent Grass Green number  1045 and Moss Point Green number 1001 are the main two colors I use for my matting color   scheme.

Depending on the picture I may also use another color other than moss point green for the second mat if it helps focus on the subject( See picture Green and Black).

If you do not like my matting colors scheme for your home of office you may want to buy just the prints and have them matted to your taste.

 Photo paper and printer

After using several different types of paper I found that Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster produces the best quality prints so I will not use any other paper for my prints.

I strictly use Epson printers and genuine Epson inks for my prints sizes 13 x 19  and smaller. Any special order prints larger than 13×19 will be out sourced and printed on their high quality paper for best results. For prints larger than 13×19  or canvass prints larger than 16×20 contact me for pricing.


 Eastern Bluebird



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