Bird Frenzy at Magee Marsh 2012

I went up to lake Erie area to a place called Magee marsh from May 5th to the 10th. This area is 17 miles west of Port Clinton and is known as one of the hotspots for birding and bird photography in the region. People from all over the country come up to Magee marsh hoping to spot as many different birds as they can during what is called the biggest week of bird migration.

Unfortunately for me the migration was very slow during my time up there and I was not able to get very many photographs of migrating warblers. I had fun non the less talking with people I know and other photographers hoping to get some nice photographs as well.

On Wednesday May 9th Matt Stenger and I were making a quick round on the board walk before it got to crowded when some spotted a Kirtland’s Warbler on the boardwalk and the frenzy began. We were almost off of the boardwalk and the Kirtland’s Warbler was sited near the end of the board walk and the crowd was so thick we knew we would have to wait or go all the way back to the entrance. We moved away from the crowd and photographed some yellow warblers for a short time then the Kirtland’s was reported off the board walk in the trees near the beach and the crowd moved there and we were able to get off.

Once we got off of the board walk we could see a crowd of at least a couple hundred people still looking for this bird so we decided we would wonder over too and maybe we would get lucky and get a picture. The crowd was starting to disperse since no one could re-connect with the bird, then someone spotted it and Matt and I found ourselves in the middle of this crowd and I must say the energy surrounding this one bird was awesome. I’m not big on crowds however I hung in there for a few minutes just because it is nice to see so many people excited over a bird that I just had to stand there and feel this fantastic energy surrounding me. Finally I had to move off and we stood off in the distance watching them before heading back towards the main entrance area.
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