Are you Fracking kidding me?

I usually don’t write about environmental issues on this blog however, I cannot just sit around while big business is about to hurt our environment even more, and our government is going to allow it to happen.

I know that these oil companies say that Fracking is safe and it will not damage the water table or pollute the environment, isn’t that always their standard response from the money grubbers? Now that the economy has been hurt by those same type of people, the lying and cheating kind that caused the economy to collapse in the first place, and of course they still come out on top.

Now! their cronies the oil companies are using the economy as a great excuse to achieve approval from the government and the general public saying that it will produce jobs and make us independent from foreign oil too. They always use this type of propaganda to get there way.

Where will they be when the ground water and the environment ends up severally compromised and people are sick or dying from more mysterious causes? They will swear under oath that it is not caused by them. Then years after the damage has been done the EPA or some other government agency will come out with a report saying that Fracking did indeed cause these environmental issues.

To all of you who will read this and all those money grubbers I say this; we can already look back through history and see what negative impact greed has played to our environment. I cannot think of one instance where big business or even our government for that matter has said it was safe and it was actually safe.

Time is the revealer of the truth, whose truth do you think it will be, theirs or mine.

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  1. Karen Arnett February 2, 2013 at 10:39 pm #

    Hi Jim, Just met you at the Westminster Art Fair today and decided to browse your website. I am replying about fracking. It seems to me that if anything could be called evil , fracking is it. I don’t usually subscribe to the concept of evil, but when you take a toxic soup and pump it into the body of the earth, and take millions upon millions of water out of the hydrological cycle forever, it’s like treating our sacred earth as a sewer. What used to be thought of as dead rock is now known to be full of life, as bacteria have been found thousands of feet underground. The earth itself is a living organism. This kind of treatment, injecting horrible wastes deep down with no regard to the long term consequences, is at least folly, at worst an evil act against our life source, in my opinion. There’s going to be a big lobby day on March 6th, 2013, in Columbus, where folks will be lobbying for several different pieces of legislation that either improve the process or try to ban it outright.

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